Carol Dunlap will be sharing with us information on Bridge 2 Home. Valley Youth House developed the Bridge2Home program, in collaboration with the Western PA Continuum of Care Youth Subcommittee, nonprofits, and Offices of Children & Youth to address the needs of the region’s homeless youth. This program serves Pennsylvania youth (ages 16-20) experiencing homelessness or housing instability located in Armstrong, Indiana, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. Youth may be living on the street, in shelters, in out-of-home care, or other situations where youth are unstably or temporarily housed. Additionally, the program may serve youth who are couch-surfing (ie: living transiently with extended family or other adults).

Thursday, January 16 , 2020 
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

Cathi Gerhard is a professor of English at Penn State. She teaches freshman composition, research, technical and business writing — all from a perspective formed over 25 years in professional
media. As an experienced, immersive journalist, a keystone of her career has been context ... finding and communicating connections between researched material and the “real world” so its practical
applications were both clear and engaging to readers and students.

A Foundation Scholar, Cathi earned her bachelor’s in Journalism and master’s in English Literature & Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania before working as a Communications Director in
nonprofit and corporate marketing/public relations in North Carolina before launching her own independent local magazine, the LaurelMountain Post, in 2004.

For Cathi, her career is a journey not just in publishing and entrepreneurship, but in education, creativity, and the building of partnerships — a success that comes from the enthusiasm and ownership of an idea with the flexibility to adapt to outcomes, both anticipated and unexpected, generated by the marketplace as well as the community.

Thursday, April 16 , 2020 
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required
Thursday, May 21 , 2020 
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

March Meeting: Women in history month

*Special Presentation* 

APRil Meeting: TBA


Join us in September for an educational and fun membership hands-on event.  Get to know your fellow Latrobe BPW members better all while learning new tips and skills on leadership to help you in your business, career, and life.  Latrobe BPW member Michelle Teague will be lead us on an interactive adventure that promises to be engaging and rewarding. 

We're going to play an abbreviated version of The Leadership Game!  This is a fun way to learn about each other, and to grow your own leadership skills.  We'll test your grasp of everyday leadership values and practices, engage in open discussion with your fellow BPW members, and discover ways to strengthen your leadership abilities. 

Learn more about our BPW/PA State Project, PCADV (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence) from representatives from The Blackburn Center.  The Blackburn Center's mission is 
to advocate for the rights of all individuals to live free from domestic and sexual violence and other forms of violence by eliminating the root causes of this violence and providing for the well-being and safety of survivors/victims. 

​Latrobe Business and Professional Women will welcome guest speaker Cassie Ellson of the Blackburn Center at the February meeting. Ellson has been Blackburn Center’s Community Education Coordinator since April 2019. She holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a focus in Victimology and has been involved in victim services since 2015. In her role at Blackburn Center, Cassie is responsible for community outreach and professional training, which includes domestic and sexual violence education, bystander intervention, preventing sexual harassment at work, and general information tabling. She is also a member of the medical advocacy team, accompanying victims of domestic violence and sexual assault at local hospitals.

February Meeting: the blackburn center

Educational Session on our BPW/PA State Project (PCADV)

Join us in October to celebrate and recognize our members and guests for National Business Women's Week.  Susan Miller will be our Keynote Speaker.  Often referred to as "The Serial Entrepreneur", Susan has formed many successful businesses over the years while mentoring new small business owners. 

Susan Miller is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth.  Ms. Miller started her first business, as a single mother of two daughters. She struggled to raise them with no child support and working full time. Owning a small business enabled Ms. Miller to control their destiny, but yet spend quality time with them. Ms. Miller’s understanding of the struggles of women in business encouraged her to start the Women’s Small Business Association, WSBA – LLC. In 2007, Her vision was to encourage women to start their own business, so they can have economic independence, and to help them develop skills needed for entrepreneurial success. She believes that self-employment is a viable and needed option for all women.

Join us on October 17th for "Confidence comes naturally with success, but success only comes to those who are confident".  RSVP required.  More info:

Thursday, September 19 , 2019  
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required
Thursday, October 17 , 2019  
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

September Meeting: membership

Evaluating the Leader in You

led by Latrobe BPW member Michelle Teague

Don't miss out on joining us in March for a special presentation geared towards Women in History.  Fun facts, lots of laugh, and membership participation!  More details to be announced soon!

August Meeting: Cathi Gerhard

​Communication and Getting Your Point Across 


january Meeting: Linda Yarbrough

Balance Yourself Using Color 

and other stress reducing techniques

Thursday, February 20, 2020 
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

2019-2020 speaker series 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019  
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

May Meeting: Carol Dunlap

Bridge to Home

Thursday, March 19 , 2020 
6:00 pm
Christ Our Shepherd Center
Registration Required

Check back often for updates to our speaker schedule throughout the year!   

October Meeting: Susan Miller

National Business Women's Week

Educator Linda Yarbrough will educate members on how color affects your physical, mental and emotional states. Each color has a unique frequency and wavelength that promotes a specific

energy that can be calming, motivating, healing, irritating, etc. Explore ways to use color to make

a difference in your environment and your personal state of balance.  Linda will also share other

stress reduction techniques and tools to use to calm your mind.  

Linda worked in the utility industry as a safety trainer, inspector and auditor for many
years while also maintaining her health and wellness business providing nutritional and
supplementation consultations in addition to Reiki energy healing, relaxation and stress
reduction techniques to her clients.

Since retiring from the corporate world, Linda is currently a full-time Reiki practitioner
and instructor where she maintains her private practice at the Energy Connection
Creative Healing Center. She teaches various Reiki modalities as well as specialized
classes at this center on a regular basis. She also teaches classes related to health
and personal development at the local community college, adult education forums and
community groups.

With many years of experience volunteering in the domestic violence and hospice
realms, Linda believes in a non-judgmental healing environment in her work with others
based on love, respect, honor and confidentiality