Recording Secretary

2021-2022 Standing committee chairwomen

After giving up her previous life in South Africa, and moving across the world to settle in Greensburg, making new friends became the hardest thing to do for Barbara Baldwin. When her and her husband decided to start a new business, networking became an important objective. BPW provided both under one roof!!! Barbara became a member of Latrobe BPW in 2017, at the prompting of Marsha St. Pierre. Joining BPW has opened up so many new doors, given confidence and brought a whole new group of friends that never before existed. Becoming the Dinner Committee Co-Chair in 2019 was the best way to get to know all the members and at the same time be part of the welcoming “committee”, making members and guests feel as though they belong. Owning and running a business takes a lot of Barbara’s time, but she always cherishes her “me time” with her BPW friends. “Because of BPW my confidence has grown exponentially. I am now able to talk to complete strangers and even stand in front of a full room to give a presentation.” That’s what BPW can do for you!!

  • By-laws/Policy and Procedure Committee                                         Dawn Berkebile
  • Dinner Committee                                                                               Dana Shannon and Jillian Bowman
  • Finance Committee                                                                             Laura Guskiewicz​
  • Foundation/Legislation Committee                                                      Karen Mowry 
  • Goodwill and Special Projects Committee                                          Lori Planinsek
  • Historian Committee                                                                           Joy Klohonatz and Erica Stouffer
  • Individual Development and Young Careerist Committee                  Theresa Whitacre
  • Issues Management Committee                                                         Tracy Grace
  • Membership Committee                                                                      Angela Apple
  • Public Relations and Newsletter Committee ​                                      Nicole Purnell and Amy Fauth
  • Student of the Month and Scholarship Committee                             Debbie Franco

Tracy Grace has been a member of Latrobe BPW for 5 years.  She is the current Vice-President and Issues Management Chair.  She is also serving as the Individual Development and Young Careerist Committee Chair for District 3.  Last year, Tracy entered into a special circle of women for Latrobe BPW and was awarded the 2021 Woman of the Year Award.  Tracy is currently a Business Development Manager for Express Employment Professionals.  She is married to Sam and they have a combined blended family of 6 children, 4 grandchildren, and 2 cats. Tracy's hobbies include celebrating all things summer (going to the beach, their camp, and loving flamingos)!  She is a diehard Steelers and Nascar fan.  Tracy holds a BS in Journalism and Communications from Point Park University and a MBA from Carlow University.  “When I attended my first BPW meeting, I was expecting it be like other networking groups.  I left thinking, this is a sorority for grown women.  I was surprised by the sisterhood these women have, their giving spirit and passion for lifting each other up. I look forward to my “lady bonding” time each month and beyond blessed and grateful for the friendships that have been made with the women in this group” 




Jean Calabrace has been a member of Latrobe BPW for many years.  She has served as local President, Vice President and Treasurer along with many chair positions!  Her resume recently includes past District Director and past Assistant District Director for District 3 as well as past State Treasurer (2017-2018).
Prior to retirement, Jean was employed at Commercial Bank and Trust, where she worked diligently and promoted herself part time teller to the manager of two branch office
During retirement, Jean is doing what she loves most. She is teaching craft classes at a local establishment and mentoring newer members with BPW.
Jean is married to husband, Sam, and has three children, 4 grandchildren, 2 dogs and 3 chickens.

Corresponding  Secretary


Alice Brasili 

Theresa Rusbosin joined Latrobe BPW 17 years ago and never regretted her decision. She continues to renew her membership because of all the benefits she has received from the Local, District and State BPW organization. "I have 100+ friends locally, add to that the members I have met throughout the District and from across the State.  I never would have met so many friendly, kind, understanding, encouraging, supportive, passionate women all serving with a purpose to help other women to grow, to advocate for women’s issues, to mentor, to aid their communities with their time and monies.  I personally have grown from being a committee member to becoming the BPW/PA State President.  That never would have happened without the support, mentoring, leadership of so many others.  So considering joining BPW?  Don’t hesitate!  Join today!"

Deb Bowman has been a member of Latrobe BPW for 4 years. She first attended our annual Spring Tea Fundraiser and quickly joined soon after.  Deb has served as the chairwoman of the By-Laws/Policies and Procedures Committee and has served as the Dinner chairwoman before becoming our Vice-President and now President.  Deb has also been honored as Latrobe BPW's New Member of the Year (2017) as well as District 3's New Member of the Year.  In addition to her chair duties, Deb has served on several committees and has volunteered for numerous charitable projects.  She is a RN with Allegheny Health Network and a Certified Wound Care Nurse. "God and family have always been my core of life. My family is small, but we are mighty. When I became a member of Latrobe BPW, my family grew exponentially and the love and strength I pull from each member makes my "family" the strongest and richest in love". #BecauseofBPW