Nicole Purnell became a member of Latrobe BPW in March 2015. She attended her first meeting with the intention of joining for the networking benefits but discovered that there was much more to BPW. Nicole quickly learned that the best way to utilize your membership is to become involved. During her first year of membership she volunteered for the Student of the Month chair position, and consequently went on to become Vice-President for two years and is currently serving as President. She has volunteered and served on the Spring Tea Committee’s, Vendor Show Committee’s, Scholarship Selection Committee’s, NBWW Committee’s, UnHappy Hour Committee’s, and a slew of other projects and events. The highlight of Nicole’s BPW membership was being honored as New Member of the Year in 2016 as well as District 3's New Member of the Year. Nicole has been employed for over 13 years as a Quality Control Manager and Analytical Chemist at Raven Industries in Latrobe.  She also adjuncts at her alumni; St. Vincent College.  She holds a BS degree in Biochemistry.  Her favorite aspect of BPW is the friendship, mentorship, and support of other members. "BPW has given me the confidence to lead, and because of that gained confidence, I truly credit BPW for my current career advancements". #BecauseofBPW


Shelley Cottrill has been a member of Latrobe BPW since March 2018.  She joined after seeing a post from a Facebook friend about a meeting she was attending with an invitation to join her. “I commented and was the joke at the table in February...saying I was her stalker!! That’s where I met Deb (Bowman) and so many others...and knew it’s where I wanted to be.”
Shelley really values the connection with members of BPW noting that all the ladies are so kind and inspiring. “Since I work from home for a company in Florida, I don’t have a lot of interaction with “real” people. I have been part of other groups but never found an immediate connection with strangers! BPW is a place to support each other while reaching out to the community.” #Becauseof BPW
Shelley is a Project Manager for Florida Power & Light in Miami but working from home...for the last 7 years. Her responsibilities include meeting governmental regulations to secure the power grid and all those who access it. Shelley previously worked for West Penn Power and was a CPA in Greensburg.


Corresponding Secretary

2019-2020 Standing committee chairwomen

Nikki Cecchini has been a member of Latrobe BPW for almost three years, and is starting her second year as Corresponding Secretary. She has been a paramedic since 2006, beginning er career at Mutual Aid Ambulance Service. Nikki is currently the Paramedic Education Program Director at the University of Pittsburgh, Emergency Medicine Program and at the Center for Emergency Medicine.  She joined Latrobe BPW after attending a few meetings and several Spring Tea’s with Jackie Elliott. "Having worked in a male dominated profession for over a decade, it is nice to be around other women to share thoughts, ideas, and advice on life.  Since joining BPW I have made new friends, found my voice for our community, and realized I can do anything I put my mind too. My BPW sisters are my tribe, and I know that when I am having a bad day, or something has gone wrong, they will always be there to lend a helping hand or just listen". #BecauseofBPW



Marsha St. Pierre has been a member of Latrobe BPW since March 2015.  From July 2015 until May 2018 she was the Chair of the Membership Committee.  She remarks that the role was a great way to get to know everyone and help grow our Club.  In June 2018, Marsha took over the mantle of Treasurer from Mary Ann Urban when she retired to the great state of Tennessee.  She has served on several committees and has volunteered on numerous charitable projects, including Project Bundle Up, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and coordinating our State Project funds to name a few. In March 2019, Marsha was named Latrobe BPW's Woman of the Year.  Marsha unofficially ‘retired’ as a Property Manager in 2012 when her family relocated to Latrobe from western Canada.  "BPW allows me to continue to use my business and management skills. 
#Because of BPW my skills don’t get rusty".

Recording Secretary

  • By-laws/Policy and Procedure Committee                                          Stephanie Ankeny
  • Dinner Committee                                                                               Barbara Baldwin and Karen Laskie
  • Finance Committee                                                                             Traci Naugle
  • Foundation/Legislation Committee                                                      Karen Mowry and Dawn Berkebile
  • Goodwill and Special Projects Committee                                          Susan Mough and Lisa Lauer
  • Historian Committee                                                                           Joy Klohonatz
  • Individual Development and Young Careerist Committee                  Tracey Grace
  • Issues Management Committee                                                         Deb Bowman
  • Membership Committee                                                                     Jean Calabrace 
  • Public Relations and Newsletter Committee ​                                     Angela Apple and Amy Fauth
  • Student of the Month and Scholarship Committee                            Debbie Franco


Deb Bowman has been a member of Latrobe BPW for 3 years. She first attended our annual Spring Tea Fundraiser and quickly joined soon after.  Deb has served as the chair woman of the By-Laws/Policies and Procedures Committee, and has served as the Dinner chairwoman before becoming our Vice-President.  Deb has also been honored as Latrobe BPW's New Member of the Year (2017) as well as District 3's New Member of the Year.  In addition to her chair duties, Deb has served on several committees and has volunteered for numerous charitable projects.  She is a RN at Forbes Hospital and a Certified Wound Care Nurse.  She is is currently pursuing her Trauma, Neuro, and Orthopedic certifications. "God and family have always been my core of life. My family is small but we are mighty. When I became a member of Latrobe BPW, my family grew exponentially and the love and strength I pull from each member makes my "family" the strongest and richest in love". #BecauseofBPW

Theresa Rusbosin has been a member of Latrobe BPW since 2003.  As a member of Latrobe BPW she has served on various committees and has been chair of Membership, Public Relations, and the Spring Tea Fashion Show.  She has served as Historian, Parliamentarian, and Club President.  She was named the 2007 Latrobe BPW’s Woman of the Year.  She has also served as District 3 Director, Assistant Director, IC/YC Chair, Membership Chair, and MathCounts volunteer.  Most recently she has served as State President for BPW/PA for 2018-2019.  Theresa graduated from Duquesne University with a BS in Pharmacy and is currently employed as a pharmacist at Express Scripts. Theresa was able to achieve her goal of becoming state president.  As state president, she choose the YWCA as her state project, raising more than $19,000 statewide for the organization. #BecauseofBPW